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What is it?

The ordinance is a mandatory energy & water benchmarking & efficiency requirement for all commercial and multi-family buildings in Los Angeles over 20,000 SF (see detailed compliance schedule below).  The goals of the ordinance are to help property owners save money through energy and water reductions, and to help the city become a leader and create jobs in energy and water efficiency. A summary of the two types of compliance and how TEEMWorks can help you comply:

  1. ENERGY STAR® energy and water benchmark reports are due annually for all covered buildings (as with AB802).
  2. The energy & water use report varies based on your buildings performance. Efficient or certified buildings become exempt based on performance level. See “Path to Compliance” detail below.

Who must comply?

Existing multi-family and commercial real estate within the LADWP territory. See Table 1 for exemptions.

How do I comply?

Building owners or their authorized agent will be required to submit both their benchmark report (annually) and energy & water use report (every 5 years) to the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

Starting when?

Starting as early as July, 2017, initial report due dates are staggered based on building type/size and AIN number. See Table 1 below:


Assembly Bill 802

Assemblymember Das Williams’ Assembly Bill (AB) 802 was passed in October, 2015 by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and is set to go into effect January, 2017. It replaces non-residential energy use disclosure program AB 1103, which ended December 31, 2015.

CEC Commissioner Andrew McAllister released the following statement in support of the bill:

“California has set high goals to increase energy savings through short- and long-term energy efficiency measures. Effective solutions will be those that provide true value for commercial building owners and consumers. When these groups have access to their building’s energy use compared to similar structures, they are able to make informed decisions to improve performance. Assembly Bill 802, among other things, makes it much easier for building owners to access that usage information, benchmark the building, and identify the most attractive opportunities for investment. Energy-related physical and operational improvements will add value to and increase occupant comfort of the state’s commercial and multifamily buildings, in the process activating a project-focused market that generates economic growth. I am excited that through passage of AB 802 California is again leading by providing transparency to the marketplace and reducing barriers to action.”

How AB802 will work: final details are still being determined; however, commercial and multi-family properties will be required to benchmark and disclose their building’s energy use to the CEC on an annual basis. Concurrently, the bill aims to make data acquisition more streamlined and authorizes the utility to create, track and measure consumption data toward their own mandated efficiency goals.

AB 802 vs. AB 1103:


As with AB1103, TEEMWorks can complete your benchmarking requirement, and now will also maintain your compliance on an annual recurring basis, as required by AB 802. Further package details to come as the bill becomes formalized. Contact us to get started. For developing information on AB 802, sign up for TEEMWorks updates