• Save Time / Prioritize

    TEEMWorks energy efficiency survey is targeted to accurately assess your energy using facilities, energy trends, and saving opportunities.

  • Save Energy / Money

    TEEMWorks facility energy optimizer will identify specific 15-50% energy and cost saving solutions in areas such as lighting, HVAC, and Solar.

  • Preserve Capital

    TEEMWorks financing understands you need to preserve cash for your core business, so each solution provides options for you to save money NOW.

  • Stay Informed

    Your TEEMWorks account rep will keep you informed of new solutions, the latest technology, incentives, and utility programs.

More Information

TEEMWorks Energy is a turnkey energy efficiency and solar solution for Southern California business.

What We Do

TEEMWorks Energy is a Southern California based energy consulting solutions company. Our unique process quickly and effectively identifies and delivers cost saving energy efficiency facility upgrades. We also offer immediate bottom line savings through no money down payment options. These solutions include lighting and HVAC retrofits, solar and more.

It starts with our energy efficiency facility survey or Level I commercial energy audit. We do a full walk through of your facility, documenting facility use, operating hours, gas and electric utility costs, and lighting, HVAC, and other equipment inventories to determine ways you can save money by installing more energy efficient systems.

Using our facility optimizer, we filter your inventory, against other high efficiency solutions to identify key areas for your business to obtain substantial cost reductions. Finally, our energy efficient consulting service provides multiple competitive bids for you to choose from in order to assure the most competitive pricing. As an added bonus we offer no money down pricing options to meet your budget and help your business save money from day one.

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LightingLighting retrofits often result in energy cost savings of 30-70%. Potential savings are in addition to other benefits such as increased productivity, higher rents, and employee or tenant satisfaction. Changes in technology over the last five to ten years have created unprecedented opportunities for companies to lower energy expenses through lighting retrofits.


HVACHVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning retrofits and controls often results in improved comfort, improved control, and savings of 15-30%. Many HVAC systems installed in the US waste significant amounts of cooling and heat. We offer quick and proven solutions that result in significant reductions in energy costs.


SolarSolar is being adopted as an energy source by more and more business customers each year. While a form of on site renewable energy generation as opposed to energy efficiency, solar is another way customers are able to take control of their energy costs. Additionally, society benefits from cleaner generation, reduced grid demand, and overall efficiency. As the cost continues to come down, more building owners realize that solar is a great investment, so for customers with a great roof, and less efficient load profile, savings will be attained.