• Teamwork

    Our TEEM is built with your team in mind. Our goal for you is to achieve common ground…with uncommon success.

  • Efficiency…Managed

    A cohesive and effective efficiency program made manageable. Objective perspective and connective insight to energy management without stressing your team. Prioritized implementation for all the right projects, for all the right reasons, right now.

  • Better Buildings. Higher profit per dollar invested. Greater portfolio value.


And while we’re at it…higher tenant retention and a set of metrics to expose and capitalize on significant savings.

TEEMWorks is a Southern California based energy consulting and engineering firm with a focus on energy efficiency, solar, and energy management.


What We Do


Our energy management services include Energy Star Benchmarking/Certification/AB1103 compliance, ASHRAE level I-III audits, recommissioning, project services and project M&V. Our solution is a cohesive and effective energy efficiency program. No matter where you are in the process or how large your scope, TEEMWorks will help you achieve your company goals for energy efficiency.

By effectively complimenting your team, our TEEM is consistently able to unlock profit and value in your real estate and operational assets.  We are often told one of the things that separates us and brings tremendous value, is the specific experience we bring to the table. In addition to energy engineering, we bring connective insight from building operations, finance, legal, and construction experience to the planning, analysis, and implementation phases of energy efficiency.



LightingLighting retrofits often result in energy cost savings of 15-50%. Potential savings are in addition to other benefits such as increased productivity, higher rents, and employee or tenant satisfaction. Changes in technology over the last five to ten years have created unprecedented opportunities for companies to lower energy expenses through lighting retrofits.

HVAC & Building Envelope

HVACHVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning retrofits, building envelope improvements and enhanced controls often result in improved comfort, greater control, and significant savings (often 10-30%). Many HVAC systems installed in the US waste large amounts of cooling and heat. We identify proven solutions that result in sizable reductions in energy costs.


SolarSolar is being adopted as an energy source by more and more business customers each year. While a form of on site renewable energy generation as opposed to energy efficiency, solar is another way customers are able to take control of their energy costs. Additionally, society benefits from cleaner generation, reduced grid demand, and overall efficiency. As the cost continues to come down, more building owners realize that solar is a great investment, so for customers with a great roof, and high energy costs, savings will be attained.